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RENPHO makes affordable health products, including AI-Powered Bike, Air Purifiers, Smart Body Fat Scale for customers across the world.

When RENPHO's Hong Kong headquarter found it challenging to improve overseas customers' satisfaction with their apps, they asked me to help with the design and localisation of their latest ECG product targeting customers in Europe and North America.

My task was to improve user experience and interface design for RENPHO ECG product for better customer satisfaction.


UX/UI Design


Figma, Axure, Adobe XD, Adobe Photoshop


2 weeks


By working closely with a global based team of developer, product manager, marketing manager and designer, I have improved UX/UI design and localisation for RENPHO ECG product as well as contributing to existing RENPHO design system.

Mission Statement

RENPHO is a Hong Kong based HealthTech company that aims to provide affordable smart products to improve customers' health and wellbeing.

Although RENPHO has a range of popular physical products on the Europe and US market, their native apps have received a lot of criticisms on outdated design and poor localisation from users based in Europe and North America.

To provide better user experiences and get higher customer satisfaction with the upcoming ECG product, RENPHO has asked me to help with its design and localisation for customers in Europe and North America.

User research

Unfortunately, there was not enough budget for research with real users. I created the persona and user journey based on product target user information from the marketing team.


RENPHO ECG product aims to help users with heart diseases to conduct Electrocardiogram tests at home. The main user group of the product would be middle-aged and elderly people with relatively poorer health conditions.

User journey

Design strategy

Design concept

With simple, professional and elegant interface design, RENPHO ECG application should be clear, intuitive and easy to use by people who are less familiar with digital products and may have poorer health conditions. Hence, having great accessibility, intuitive flows, high error tolerance and clear error feedback should be the top priorities in design development.

Experience principles

Design development

Cross-functional collaboration

Sometimes I need to work separately with RENPHO's product team and marketing team as a solo product designer. To bring different stakeholders on the same page, I introduced Figma as a new tool to the workflow: the real-time collaboration feature helped me to communicate with stakeholders and prioritise tasks in a more efficient way.

ECG test flow

After setting up the design strategy, I started to improve the user flow together with product managers and developers, based on the original prototype developed by RENPHO product team. For example, making test instruction and device selection two separate steps would cause less confusion to new users when taking ECG tests.

Original ECG test flow

Improved ECG test flow

ECG test key screens (original prototype - final design)


As the original prototype was developed by RENPHO product team based on the habits of Chinese customers, I made localisation improvements based on language and user habits of European and US customers, such as typography, date format and UX writing. Also, for better gender and racial equality, I used neutral skin colour in test instruction illustration and gender-neutral default user profile.

Design options

Based on the Simple, Professional, Elegant design concept, I created 3 initial style options. After discussing with RENPHO's product team, marketing team and other stakeholders, we decided to proceed with Option 3 and work on the development of design system together with the marketing team.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Key screens

Edge cases

Bluetooth-off alert - to remind users to turn bluetooth on for device connection.

Test ended & test finished - users will be alerted and then directed back to test instruction when test was unsuccessful, or continue to the next step when successful.

Unsaved report - after the test session, users will choose to save test report under their own profiles and will be alerted if they left the screen without saving the report.

Design system

In alignment with the current colour and typography scheme of the marketing team, I created brand assets and contributed to the evolution of RENPHO design system with digital designers. I also developed the test instruction illustrations based on the plain images from the manufacturer.


Lessons I learned

1. How to collaborate and communicate with clients and stakeholders (developers, product managers, marketing managers, digital designers and more) efficiently and genuinely;

2. How to place my position to bring different stakeholders together and prioritise tasks when conflicts arose;

3. How to manage the tasks which were out of my scope of responsibility;

4. How to contribute to the evolution of design system and brand assets across multiple products and platforms.

Further steps

1. Follow up with RENPHO product team about the application development and user testings;

2. Collect user reviews and conduct customer satisfaction surveys and compare the data with existing RENPHO products;

3. Push for usability testings on existing RENPHO products to optimise current user experiences and improve customer satisfaction;

4. Help to manage design assets and develop current RENPHO design system.

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